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Bitter Pill: America and American Healthcare
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The United States of America is the only developed nation in the world which does not guarantee basic healthcare to all of its citizens. A nation built upon the principle of democracy by the people, of the people and for the people has found itself failing to be for all the people. American healthcare is in critical condition, and deteriorating by the day. Watch as award winning film-maker, Dr. Vivek Palavali dissects this country’s medical industry, to diagnose the root cause destroying healthcare delivery and the deep-rooted cancer responsible for the illness. ​


As America desperately seeks the right prescription to cure the ailing field of medicine and provide affordable quality healthcare to all, it stands at the cross roads of two profound socioeconomic philosophical choices. The fundamental choice it has to make is the bitter pill. Unless the nation accepts that bitter medicine and chooses the right path, the present course is certain to lead American healthcare to a dead end.